Watch Live Feeds of the Fight for Kyiv


According to the Kyiv Independent, Security Council Secretary Danilov said, “We are stopping the horde as best as we can, the situation in Kyiv is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our citizens.”

Russian invading forces attacked a military unit on Kyiv’s left bank overnight, but Ukraine’s forces were able to successfully fight it off, according to the Land forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

There were more than 50 explosions and heavy machine-gun fire have been reported in Shulyavka and near the city zoo. Also, explosions and gunfire in Kyiv’s areas Shulyavka and Beresteiska.

NATO will provide air defense systems to Ukraine and more weapons, according to Stoltenberg, The Kyiv Post reports.

NATO has gone on high alert.

Watch the Live Feeds:

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Schoy Rieder
Schoy Rieder
1 year ago

Perfect! Just the HUGE distraction needed for Letsko.
Rally around the democracy slit trench latrine will be hammered at the state of the diaper address and Hillary is clutching her pearls for muh democracy with a seething hatred for all deplorables.

Alles Klaar Comrade Kommissar
Alles Klaar Comrade Kommissar
1 year ago

The fabulous armies of globohomo are on high alert as the bear trembles in fear.
What have they been doing while we have been grinding our military down in sandboxes and empire graveyards?
Preparing for WAR and the Metro has nuclear capable bunkers with four levels, something that the nomenklatura apparatchiks and banksters that own Chiquitastan would never do for the unity collective.
A basement at the local courthouse or library?
Don’t forget the elementary school desk because it is like the refrigerator in the Indiana Jones movie.
Depopulation is high priority in the Long March to the global soviet.