Watch Live: Preview of Whistleblowers Testifying to FBI Politicization


FBI whistleblowers will testify to Congress today on the bureau’s alleged retaliation against them for questioning FBI practices and narratives. Republicans have investigated the weaponization of government, and today, numerous individuals will come forward to testify.

This is a preview of what we will hear. These hearings are critical, compelling, and shocking and show the corruption in the FBI and DOJ. They have 24 whistleblowers, but many are afraid to come forward. A few good men have come forward and risked everything to do it.

Intelligence analyst Marcus Allen will testify that the bureau suspended his security clearance for raising concerns about the factual accuracy of testimony that Director Wray gave to Congress. Wray suggested the FBI did not infiltrate groups that were at J6.

All the witnesses today will detail the egregious abuses of a politically corrupt agency. They are targeting politicians, parents, and ordinary Americans. These witnesses have suffered greatly for their courage and honesty.

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6 months ago

The FBI has been a danger to America since 1924 when J. Edgar Hoover took over. Hover turned the FBI into a Cult. You have to become part of the Cult to get Promoted. The primary directive of the FBI to to grow and become more powerful. The FBI is a threat to Freedom in America.