Watch police attacked at Columbus statue in Chicago


Watch Chicago police get attacked with bottles and fireworks by people at the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park on the clip below. This is a dereliction of duty on the part of politicians who allow police to be attacked with no ability to fight back. There is a video interview of a black Portland officer that is well worth watching.

And do notice how Joe Biden never says a word, which is the same as agreeing to it. These are his peeps, doing his work.

When police use pepper spray, gas, or hoses, or rubber bullets, radical groups scream and rant. The media backs them up. The end result is the politicians won’t let police defend themselves.

This week Kayleigh McEnany said Mayor Lori Lightfoot was “derelict” in letting crime and violence go up without accepting the President’s help. We know why the mayor won’t accept his help, and she is derelict in other ways. Look at how the officers are treated.

At this rate, Chicago will be the new Portland.


All of this is done to make Trump look bad. It’s the same thing they did in 2016. If Biden wins, this will disappear on November 4th, along with the virus, schools will open, businesses — any that survived — will return.


Watch this police officer, obviously black, describes what goes on in Portland. As he said, there are sincere people in the groups but their voices are drowned out by the radicals.

You can feel his frustration as he speaks. For 49 days, the radicals in Portland have repeatedly shot explosive fireworks into a courthouse and repeatedly broken windows and doors while attempting to take over courthouses. That is why the DHS and US Marshalls are in town, despite the politicians who want to let this continue.


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