Former Baltimore mayor blames white men for her failure


Yesterday,  Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called press secretary McEnany a “Karen” which is a very racist, derogatory appellation. Last night, the former Baltimore mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake blamed white men for her poor performance.

Anti-white racism is allowed now, even on network broadcasts.

Her racist comments came as a reaction to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s book which harshly criticized her and others for the handling of the 2015 riots. She was playing the race card.

Among other things, he wrote, “Paralyzed with fear and indecision, the mayor was truly making some very poor decisions ordering the police to stand down and missing in action when her city was desperate…”

Baltimore riots were a disaster with her forcing police to stand down, demeaning the police and giving the Farrakhan operatives and New Black Panthers Party members power to quell the riots.

Hogan also criticized Marilyn Mosby for trying six officers in the press in the Freddie Gray case.

Rawlings-Blake responded in an appearance on Fox News with Bill Hemmer. She argued Friday that her comments were taken out of context. “I know you spend a lot of time defending the First Amendment,” Rawlings-Blake said. “That was all I was saying, is I was working very hard to protect the First Amendment rights of the protesters and they took advantage of that. And if you listen to the entire thing in the context of the interview, you would understand that. And the governor knows that.”

The former mayor then made a very racist comment. “If I gave space in my life to the unbounded criticism of the white men that I’ve encountered in my life and I don’t intend to do it now.”

Rawlings-Blake then went on to talk of the discontent in the US today. “The violence that we’re seeing in our cities is, it’s shameful. And what’s more shameful is that, like Larry Hogan, we have too many people that are pointing fingers without offering solutions.”

“Cities work better when all levels of government, the local governments, state governments, federal government are on the same page and want to solve the problem,” she added. “It is far too easy to point the finger. It’s harder to get in the trenches and do the hard work to make cities safer. He’s yet to do that.”

So you can’t criticize her, no pointing fingers. She seems to have confused legitimate criticism with false blame.

At the end, Bill Hemmer asks her, “Do you think that’s where it’s coming from — referencing Hogan — directed at you?”

“I’m not giving that space,” Rawlings-Blake said. “It’s up to him to sell his books.”

Racism against whites is allowed, the new Democrat Party tells us. That is utter nonsense and it needs to stop. And when are people going to stop acting like victims when they’re not and actually accept responsibility?

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