Watch President Not Shake Hands with Nancy Pelosi


President Trump and Speaker Pelosi haven’t spoken since mid-October when he called her a third-grade politician and she said all roads under Trump lead to Putin.

Pelosi is trying to unseat the President. When he entered the Chamber, she did not use the customary salutation that it was her high honor.

Pelosi broke congressional tradition and introduced him as only “the President of the United States” during the State of the Union address.

Previous House Speakers have said it is their “high privilege and distinct honor” of presenting the president.

When he handed out the copies of the speech, he ignored her outstretched hand or he didn’t see it. He didn’t shake. hands with Vice President Pence either.

Watch as he doesn’t shake her hand:

Here’s another shot:

And another:

When the Speaker introduced the President, chants of “four more years,” broke out. His poll numbers hit 49% according to Gallup. This happened during an impeachment/removal trial.

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