Watch Radical Compare Waukesha Horror to Antifa/BLM Blocking Streets


Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You the American Left

The radical in the first clip below says you can’t be outraged by a ‘person’ driving through crowds of people, many of them children, if you weren’t outraged that people drove on streets last year that were blocked off illegally by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two communist-anarchist organizations.

Truthfully, in those Antifa/BLM cases, the radicals would jump in front of cars or bump into cars, pretending they were hit. Whenever anyone was hit, it was the radicals’ fault and it was deliberate on their part to get positive press. They often pulled frightened drivers from cars and beat them up.


This beauty probably didn’t realize that Waukesha is reportedly an upscale conservative community.

Another sterling example of the American Left:

But it’s only white people with guns that are singled out…

And here is Chuck pushing his reparations, Socialist/Communist bill as people lay dying in Waukesha:

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