Watch Radical Compare Waukesha Horror to Antifa/BLM Blocking Streets


Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You the American Left

The radical in the first clip below says you can’t be outraged by a ‘person’ driving through crowds of people, many of them children, if you weren’t outraged that people drove on streets last year that were blocked off illegally by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two communist-anarchist organizations.

Truthfully, in those Antifa/BLM cases, the radicals would jump in front of cars or bump into cars, pretending they were hit. Whenever anyone was hit, it was the radicals’ fault and it was deliberate on their part to get positive press. They often pulled frightened drivers from cars and beat them up.


This beauty probably didn’t realize that Waukesha is reportedly an upscale conservative community.

Another sterling example of the American Left:

But it’s only white people with guns that are singled out…

And here is Chuck pushing his reparations, Socialist/Communist bill as people lay dying in Waukesha:

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Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter
2 years ago

The comrades of the CRS will make sure their assasin gets off.
The great Tucker C. asked how can people who hate the society be able to govern it.
They won’t because they are out to erase it from the earth by any means necessary.
Barry is ecstatic and switched out of his sweatpants into a pimp suit and the Kamal was cackling so hard in joy, Barry had to slap her.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 years ago

Leftism has become a mental disease that already has a name ; MASS HYSTERIA.

Here is the definition of mass hysteria ; ... mass hysteria is a phenomenon that transmits collective illusions of threats, whether real or imaginary, through a population and society as a result of rumors and fear....

Deranged journalists and deranged democrat politicians and deranged activists lie about things, start rumours, create fear and panic, this is repeated and repeated until a black man uses his SUV to kill the people he has been told by the deranged people are a danger to him.

Leftism is a mental disease, it is the biggest case of mass hysteria this planet has seen.

2 years ago

You’re almost on the mark. Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers have been promised an Utopian World by the their Communist Professors in College. With BREXIT and the Election of President Trump they saw their Utopia disappearing and they weren’t prepared to deal with reality. Modern Society is Complicated and people with 2 digit IQs simply aren’t equipped to function at a high level in Complex Societies. The fear of being a “Low Class / Poor” citizen has created a number of Mental Disorders. The misguided have embraced equity over equality because they want to be equal even if means all of society has to be dirt poor to achieve this. The root case of this is TV and Mass Media. People are feed a constant stream of affluence and “want” to be one of the Rich and Powerful and believe that all the Rich and Powerful achieve this by means other than hard work. This is a result of the Democrat Class Warfare campaign that is now over 100 years old. Today’s Mass Hysteria is just a byproduct of the Indoctrination that American Society has been fed for 50 years. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and you will find that the majority of Liberal Voters have a 2 Digit IQ; being Educated is completely different from being Intelligent or smart. There are a lot of Educated Idiots in America!