Watch Rep. Cori Bush make no sense whatsoever


Rep. Cori Bush, a communista squad member, is spending $70,000 on private security while she tries to defund the police and put the rest of us in danger — those of us who can’t afford private security.

“You want me to die?” said the rep. She claims that fighting to keep 11 million people from eviction put her life in danger. According to her, people are saying “horrible things about me to build up their base…I receive death threats after they go on TV and say terrible things about me.”

The “white supremacists” are doing it and they don’t care she as a “black woman who puts her life on the line.”

The pathetic Ms. Bush is ignoring the fact that she wants to defund the police who protect the rest of us.

Bush followed up with how we “need to defund the police” She actually doesn’t care if the rest of us die.

Watch the nuts fall outt of her ears.

Go to 10:10 for Cori Bush:

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