Watch San Fran shoplifters brought to you by the Progressive Democrats


You are currently watching the disintegration of civilization brought to you by socialists/communist Democrats, aka the Progressives.

On Monday, four women were caught on video running out of a CVS on the corner of Van Ness and Jackson Street with bags full of allegedly [we have to say allegedly even though they are on video stealing] stolen items.

According to KTVU reporter Henry K. Lee, who first broke the story, witnesses told him that the women had fled after “picking the place dry.”

He also reported that when asked if they were going to call the San Francisco Police, employees of the CVS “just shrugged.”

An employee who tried to stop one shoplifter was hurt and then fired by CVS.

Organized crime rings are taking advantage and thieves come in with calculators.California Proposition 47 allows this. It labels theft under $950 as a misdemeanor and the prosecutors will not prosecute these crimes. Police don’t bother to respond in most cases and no one bothers to call them.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill to create task forces to address crime rings. That will do nothing. The rings will just become more discrete. The government needs to enforce the law for theft, period.


Still, the braindead WOKEs of the Democrat party will let it continue and grow worse.

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Triumph the Comic Dog
Triumph the Comic Dog
1 year ago

The have poop and shoplifting with used needles!
What a golden utopia…for me to poop on.

1 year ago

In the not too distant future, they will be 4 dead woman or the stores will just close. If Democrats want to destroy their economies with Lawlessness, then go ahead. When the Republicans take back the Congress there can be no mercy for Blue States. We must make the Liberals live with their stupidity until they are forced to change. If they refuse, than throw them out of the Union. Let them become a Communist Chinese State. If they do and the Chinese just look at us the wrong way, it will be all over in 30 minutes; 3 minutes for the California Communist State because you can’t reason with a Communist. This is no longer fun and games, we are dealing Communist and they are very dangerous Godless sociopaths with no moral compass what-so-ever.

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
1 year ago

You get what you vote for.