Watch School Kick Out Student Wearing MAGA gear on USA Day


Perry High School teens who wore MAGA clothing on ‘USA Day’ were kicked out of school and some of the teens face suspension.

The mother taped it and was told it’s “disrespectful to carry a flag around.”

Parents are upset that students were told to remove MAGA gear on USA day, according to AZ Central.

A group of students showed up to school wearing red MAGA-themed hats and other clothing items. One student brought a Trump flag.

The students had no trouble until the lunch hour, said Heidi Jones, a mother of one of those students.

Some students are facing suspension as a result.

“I feel bad for these children. I don’t agree with everything our president does or says, but I respect our country and I’ll support these kids using their freedom of speech,” she said.

“They told me I was making this political and I told them this wasn’t political at all. The fact is, if this was during a campaign situation, I would understand that her bringing this onto campus would be a distraction,” Jones said. “However, this isn’t political at all because he is already our president.”

According to one parent, a Mrs. Farris, within four minutes of her walking into the office, she was told by school officials to leave and that she would not be allowed on campus again.

“As soon as they realized I was protecting my daughter, they were immediately rude, dismissive and told me to get off the property,” Farris said.

Farris said she was told officials considered the clothing “offensive, and that the kids were being disrespectful by wearing it” and could face sanctions if they didn’t comply.


A store employee was cursing out a youth last month over his MAGA hat, but didn’t expect his mother to step in.

In another situation, an 81-year-old man was attacked by a youth for wearing a MAGA hat in a supermarket.

There are many other situations just like this.

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