Watch sniffling and crying during Pelosi’s J6 political drama


From l. to r. – Officers Gonell, Fanone, Hodges, and Dunn, all likely Obama voters

Republicans fully support the police, but that doesn’t mean we support every single one or everything they do. Since this isn’t a police state, we are allowed to question them, especially when they are hyperbolically dramatizing a situation for political purposes.

The same police officers who have given interviews on the far-left media also testified emotionally yesterday. They could hardly contain their tears.

Sgt. Gonell – who was injured during the riot, Officer Fanone, Officer Hodges, and Officer Dunn, all sniffled when they weren’t crying.

Officer Hodges classified all the people at the rally as “terrorists” and “white supremacists.”

They falsely claimed the OathKeepers are white supremacists, although they are not. We have no information on ThreePercenters, but we know OathKeepers and Proud Boys are not.

While sniffling, two officers claimed they were called racist names during the melee. It wasn’t believable since there were no videos presented despite 14,000 hours of video available to Democrats.

Officer Fanone claimed he was in Hell on January 6th and even pounded his desk. They need to take his gun away right away. He said he was hurt.

No one had the right to attack the police officers. We don’t condone that. However, Officer Fanone didn’t mention how the crowd helped him out of the situation.

No one was asked about Ashli Babbitt. No one cares about the political prisoners denied due process, the evidence against them, and rot in prison without charges or bail.

Watch the Greg Kelly clip below:

And here’s more:

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