Watch the Coutts ‘Fringe Minority’ Protesters from the Air


The Coutts ‘fringe minority’ protest continues to demand the cancellation of the mandates, and you can watch the endless line of protesters from the air in the second clip below.

The group in charge of the protest addressed the public on Monday to discuss the unacceptable mandates and their intention to take back their freedoms. Funny how they don’t sound like violent haters or dangerous insurrectionists. The only people who sound like that are the administration. They literally hate truckers, farmers, and cowboys.

Check out the endless protest by air at the border in Coutts:

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Just Say NO
Just Say NO
1 year ago

The Luciferians knew that 100% wouldn’t be onboard with the COV-LARP.
That’s what the divide and conquer and the replacements are for.
When you can’t say NO then you are not free.

Global Warming Skeptic
Global Warming Skeptic
1 year ago

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!” Stand up for freedom and God bless the truckers. There’s a video circulating of American trucker’s joining our neighbors to the north. Canadian police are confiscating the trucker’s fuel. Not a smart move on Trudeau’s part.