Watch the Video That Got Jorge Ramos Detained at Maduro’s Palace


Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro detained Univision reporter Jorge Ramos and the six members of his team for three hours Monday at the presidential palace in Caracas. Their equipment was confiscated. They were released and will be expelled today, CNN reported.

Ramos says he showed Maduro video of desperate people “eating from a garbage truck.” And “when I showed him these images, he said that the interview was over.”

Univision’s news executives were able to find out what happened, he said, because “Jorge managed to call us.” But “in the middle of the call, they took his phone away.”

The network immediately contacted the US State Department. Kimberly Breier, the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, tweeted out, “We insist on their immediate release; the world is watching.”

Groups like Human Rights Watch called for the release of the journalists.


After the team was released, Univision broke into programming for a special report — with Ramos joining by phone. He said Maduro “got up from the interview after I showed him the videos of some young people eating out of a garbage truck.”

“They interrogated us. They put us in a security room. They turned off the lights,” he said.

Ramos called the episode a “violation.” He said Maduro’s aides still had the tapes. “They have stolen our work and are trying to keep what is happening from airing,” he said.

Pedro Ultreras, a member of the Univision team in Venezuela, tweeted late Monday that immigration officials told the journalists that they will be expelled from Venezuela and must leave Tuesday morning.

“The hotel we are staying in is surrounded by Venezuelan authorities, we cannot go outside,” he said.

The first clip below is one that Maduro wants to be hidden from the public eye. Many commenters on this clip mostly say they think it’s fake or people eat out of the garbage all over the world. But a number are connected to pro-Maduro Spanish-language newspapers.

In a somewhat related event, Bernie Sanders was asked why he will not call Maduro a dictator. The easy answer is because he admires people like him — Castro and Ortega to name two. But here’s his answer:

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer “Senator, why have you stopped short of calling Maduro of Venezuela a dictator?”

“Well, he — I think it’s fair to say that the last election was undemocratic. But there are still democratic operations taking place in their country.”

“The point is, what I am calling for right now is internationally supervised free elections. And I do find it interesting that Trump is very concerned about what goes on in Venezuela, but what about the last election that took place in Saudi Arabia? Oh, there wasn’t any election in Saudi Arabia. Oh, women are treated as third-class citizens, so I find it interesting that Trump is kind of selective as to where he is concerned about democracy.”

“My record is to be concerned about democracy all over the world. So we’ve got to do everything we can, but at the end of the day, it’s gonna be the people of Venezuela who determine the future of their country, not the United States.”

In other words, he won’t answer and will point to bad behaviors by others.



  1. Why don’t we just drop in a sniper team and the next time Maduro’s fat ass is dancing in public blow his head off and be done. Problem solved and the elected President can lead the people of Venezuela.

    • This is the first and only time I have approved of a Horhay Ramos interview and felt sorry for him. He’s lucky he isn’t being held hostage as a bargaining chip.

      Commie Bernie just deflected the direct question, as all Libs do, when they have no answer that makes sense.

      I agree with Eric. … A Seal team with a sniper could take care of the problem quickly. Meanwhile the C-17s are at a staging area loading up with military equipment, getting ready for who-knows-what.

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