Watch Tucker’s expose on voter irregularities in Fulton County


Fulton County elections are a hotbed of fraud or error, and have been for some time. Last night, Tucker Carlson presented the case for fraud in Fulton County with evidence obtained by VoterGA during their audit.

Ballots were double-counted and there is a video of a woman putting the same sheets through more than once.

Tally sheets were off that certainly appear fraudulent. For example, a batch of 59 votes for Biden and 42 for Trump was counted as 100 for Biden and 0 for Trump. Seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Biden, 140 for Trump, and 11 for Jorgenson became 850 votes for Biden, 0 for Trump, 0 for Jorgenson.

Erick Erickson, a RINO-ish radio host in Georgia, in an email to followers, reported double-counted votes don’t get counted because of their unique barcode. He can’t know that for certain but it’s probably something the auditors are looking into. Erickson also believes it was more likely errors by older workers as opposed to fraud. However, every video I’ve seen shows far more young and middle-aged workers. In fact, Black Lives Matter volunteered at the polls and boasted that they got the vote out for Joe Biden.

Additionally, how do you make “mistakes” like those seen on the tally sheets?

Erickson said the problems didn’t show up in the final certified result. He can’t know that either.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, a left-wing newspaper, did say there were 200 double-counted ballots but attributed it to error and believes they were not counted in the recount.

They didn’t address the mail-in ballots that were not folded or the tally sheets.

Erickson, a Georgian Trump hater who did vote for Trump this past election, wrote in his morning email, “there does appear to be all sorts of voting irregularities in Fulton County. Ballots were counted multiple times.” However, he noted that we can’t be sure they were added a second time because of the barcode.

However, since the auditors have no way to determine if the machines did or did not count the ballots twice, we might never get the answers we need.

“But, troublingly, the audit sheets appeared full of errors too. Those doing the outside GOP audit claim it was fraud. In Fulton County, it was most likely gross incompetence.”

How those tally sheets could be the result of incompetence is a mystery.

He suggests the state take it over and fire these people.

The auditors only had a limited sampling of ballots, and they found a great many errors. Something needs to be done. There are way too many unanswered questions — lots of smoke here.


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Pietro Bruniton
Pietro Bruniton
11 months ago

These things only matter in places that are not Wakandastan or Chiquitastan or whatever clever name for a CCP serf colony.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

What nonsense, this Tucker hype. He has Erick Erickson on to cover Georgia vote fraud? That makes Tucker a fraud, which we already knew months ago.

Of course, Tucker and his complicit Faux News will not have on Garland Favorito, a leader of auditing Georgia, who appears on OANN and Newsmax often. Tucker’s hype is not news, he covers things not known for sure from a Trump hater?

Tucker is a very skillful liar.