Waukesha Terrorist: Wanted to Blow Up a Casino & Shot His Nephew


A new report shows Darrell’s “rap sheet” includes being convicted of making a bomb threat to a casino. He is also a sex offender in Nevada and was pimping out a child, as we have reported.

The criminal history of Darrell Brooks in the state of Nevada is outlined by January 2007:

pleaded guilty to “statutory sexual solicitation” charges for having sex with someone aged 16 or under at some point in mid-2006, while being over the age of 21 himself. The punishment for Brooks being three years of probation, a fine of $2362, and a “psycho-sexual” evaluation. Another charge was tacked on for failing to tell the police he changed address while being a registered sex offender.

March 2007:

Made a bomb threat by phone against the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada. Brooks pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiring to disturb the peace, and was placed on probation for his sentence (alongside being banned from the casino for the rest of his life).

According to the outlet, the change of address charge against Darrell Brooks has been outstanding since August 2016. The Sparks Criminal Justice Center in Nevada has since renewed it three times, the most recent being at the start of 2021.

Yesterday the Daily Mail reported on how Darrell Brooks shot his nephew in July 2020 over a cell phone.

But they keep letting him out of jail and won’t call him what he is – a terrorist.

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