Waukesha Killer Bragged About Being a Terrorist, Wanted to Kill Whites, Police Say It’s Not Terror


On social media postings Waukesha terrorist, Darrell Brooks, as we reported, bashed cops, praised Hitler, and called for violence against white people.

One of his posts reflected his desire to kill white people: “LEARNED ND TAUGHT BEHAVIOR!! So when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it … the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD.”

A lot of the posts were taken down but we caught some before they were all gone as did others.

According to The Sun, in one of Brooks’ rap songs, he boasted about being a “terrorist” and a “killer in the city.” He also claimed that this country was built by blacks and the only thing the whites accomplished was taking the land from its rightful owners.

Brooks faces six charges of murder for the killing of five adults and one child. He injured another 62, many are seriously injured, and many are children.

In other social media posts, Brooks reportedly castigated police officers and compared them to the Ku Klux Klan and “violent street gangs.” Look here and here.

The report added that Brooks also shared anti-Semitic sentiments via a meme that appeared to sympathize with the Black Hebrew Israelite movement.

According to reporting in the Sun, Brooks’ “rap” songs boasted about being a “terrorist” and a “killer in the city.” Brooks shared a variety of his work on Soundcloud, which featured songs with lyrics such as “hope you right with God ’cause casket with you headed for.”

He also penned at least one derogatory song about former President Donald Trump in which he declared “f*** the pigs.”


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Sam Cheyne
Sam Cheyne
8 months ago

Another BLM asshole who does not need any funding. I would personally would love to be the executioner for him. The guy obviously should have been in prison before this tragedy.

8 months ago

This worthless, incorrigible killer is NOT A SUSPECT!!!


8 months ago

Patriots (Conservatives) defend the police in the face of calls to defund them. We defend them when they are forced to kill someone in the line of duty, in the face of calls to convict them without trial. In return they enforce blatantly unconstitutional covid business-closings and mask mandates. They arrest and charge Patriots like Rittenhouse while the Antifa/BLM terrorists burn cities and assault Americans right in front of them without challenge. They defend radical Leftists like this BLM terrorist by acting as his public relations agents! I mean…it’s really shocking after a while. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

If I Could Fly Jaytech
If I Could Fly Jaytech
8 months ago

Some wild combinations as Hitler was not fond of people of African descent but wasn’t out to Final Solution them.
Older? Why, because they are easy targets?
You never know when ol’ granny/granpa might bust out a .38 with some wadcutters and be a M Riggs type shot with the happy face target grouping.