We Can’t Keep Relying on Zelensky Reports Alone with the Threat of WW III


About the war in Ukraine, our media only takes whatever Ukraine says and publishes it. We do not sympathize with Russia. Russia invaded and is to blame for the escalation but that doesn’t mean all the atrocities or fault lies with them. The thing that bothers us here is the media isn’t investigating a thing.

We are possibly facing World War III. We need to know the truth.

His affiliation with Soros and the WEF is also a concern. Soros recently wrote in an op-ed that he wanted regime change in China and Russia.

Most US politicians want to keep the conflict going because they believe Russian President Putin plans to expand his empire. There is also the horror of Russia invading Ukraine, bombing innocent people, and destroying their infrastructure.

However, we shouldn’t be risking world war without investigating Zelensky’s claims.


An attack on a Ukrainian train station on Thursday left at least 50 people dead, including five children, and over 100 injured.

The missile struck as thousands of citizens were attempting to flee the war-torn Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine.

One unbearable image shows a child with his head blown off.  We won’t even link to that. That is a snapshot of the horror of war. We should be brokering peace if possible, not escalating. The economic war is already seriously damaging the West, far more than Russia.

Despite the media reports that simply regurgitate Ukrainian media and government reports, it’s not clear who shot off the missile. Ukraine claims they caught a radio communication of a Russian commander ordering the bombing viciously. Has any independent oberver heard it? We don’t know.

This man says it was the Russians:

Someone needs to investigate besides blogs. We don’t have the staff to do what legacy media and the government could do if they weren’t so corrupt.


An unnamed EU official asked Zelensky for evidence proving that the Bucha massacre had not been staged. The remark came after the Bild journalist asked what the worst thing he had heard in recent days was.

Zelensky also bemoaned Germany’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for tougher sanctions against Russia.

“Some countries and Germany is among them, are against an oil and gas embargo,” Zelensky said, adding, however, that he was content that the EU’s fifth round of sanctions “contains the coal and timber embargo.” However, he accused Berlin of being overly cautious in its support for Kiev, refusing to provide the country with weapons for some time, and stressing that Ukraine would not become a NATO member state. But, according to Zelensky, “Germany’s rhetoric has changed” over time, despite the country being “conservative and cold.”

Germany depends on Russia for half of its energy. How can they go further?


Meanwhile, for what it’s worth, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a statement claiming they were not behind the attack and that the attack is being used to stop the people from the pro-Russian area from leaving the danger zone so the Ukraine military can use them as human shields.

The Russians also noted the photograph of the projectile used in the attack shows a Tochka-U missile, which they say is used only by the Ukrainian military.

But the Russians can say anything, just as Zelensky can.

The propaganda and contradictory information are all over the Internet but we need independent investigators to look into this.

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