Dems Accuse Don Jr of Treason, Demand Imprisonment


A new legacy media report claims legal ‘experts’ point to a newly-released text between Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Donald Trump Jr. on January 6th to prove Don Jr committed treason. They used Trump haters as their experts. The article rehashes the same partisan narrative we’ve heard for over a year.

“It’s very simple,” Trump Jr. texted to Meadows on November 5, the text reads according to CNN. “We have multiple paths We control them all.”

The texts between Trump’s eldest son and the top White House aide describe a course of action to keep the president in power: prevent swing states from certifying their results through lawsuits and demanding recounts. After casting doubt on the election’s legitimacy, GOP-controlled Legislatures could assemble pro-Trump slates for the Electoral College, according to CNN.

As a last resort, Trump Jr. described how if neither the president nor Democrat Joe Biden had enough electoral votes, the House would vote by state delegation to pick the winner, according to CNN.

“Republicans control 28 states Democrats 22 states,” Trump Jr. texted. “Once again Trump wins.”

All this indicates is they were planning to use the law and the courts. It’s what Democrats do continuously. None of this is new information. Except for the text, every word of it is known.


The experts are all radical anti-Trump Democrats. One of the ‘experts’ is Richard Painter, an obsessed never Trumper.

“This was an attempted putsch,” attorney Richard Painter said on Twitter. “He belongs in the slammer!”

Glenn Kirschner, a former U.S. Army prosecutor who serves as an NBC News/MSNBC legal analyst, said on Twitter that the messages were clear proof that Trump Jr. was part of his “father’s criminal conspiracy to overturn the election.”

“How long do we have to endure this open, treasonous criminality by Trump and company before someone gets indicted?” wrote Kirschner.

MSNBC, really?

Democratic Representative Ted Lieu wrote on Twitter that “This sure looks like an illegal conspiracy.”

Lieu is a radical who hates Republicans and hates Trump.

The media doesn’t understand why the Attorney General isn’t pressing charges. This is another distraction.

The Media Ignores Biden’s Potential Crimes

This is as Biden and the Bidenistas push an invasion at our border, seriously damage our economy and energy system, and agitate for war with Russia and China.

Our ruling family is tied to illicit dealings in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere, and these same people don’t care. The ‘Big Guy’ is ruining our nation, but they remain silent.

All those ‘experts’ demanding prison for Don Jr. enthusiastically support the Bidens.

Donald Trump is the real victim. Democrats almost unseated Donald Trump in a four-year coup.

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