We Did It, We Banned the Word “The”



The ridiculous AP stylebook is now banning the word “the” before group labels since it’s “dehumanizing.”

AP stylebook bans are dehumanizing. Our First Amendment means nothing to these idiots.

These people treat us like trained seals. They come up with something stupid, and if we go along with it, they’ll get even more ridiculous.

Robby Starbuck tweeted some good advice: “the” @APStylebook is ridiculous and entirely captured by Marxist ideologues. I recommend not listening to a darn thing they ever say or recommend. P.S. I think there are some “people with mental illnesses” at the AP.

Rita Panahi wondered, “Are you drunk?”

Banning a word is bad enough, but now they’re going after articles now. Will “a” be next?

YAF posted this:


MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes wrote, “This is literally “the” dumbest thing I’ve read today.”


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1 year ago

The AP has lost what little of its mind it may have had.

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 year ago

If you can’t grow food or build a shelter, you try to control words.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

What a sad commentary o the USA. Such foolishness!!! Yet if we are not aware of the attacks on every part of our culture, the idiots will overwhelm us and eventually destroy us.
Recognize this: these types of things are designed to divide people. There are those who will be ‘politically correct’ and the stupid moron, stick in the muds who refuse to conform to every stupid new thing and must be ostracised from ‘civil society’ and their old fashioned ideas rejected as ‘boring’ ‘out of date’ ‘childish’ (we are told to become mature and get with it.) or other things to marginalise us.
That make it easier for the ‘in group’ to move on from us. This will split work relationships, families, etc.
Long term? I fear it may even get to euthanasia to free society of the ‘burden’ of carrying us. Too dystopic? That’s what people used to say about Orwell’s prophecy known as ‘1984’.
Sorry, if that is too much a downer for you.
As a Christian I am secure through God’s love for me in Christ and the confidence he will take me to the real ‘utopia’ – eternal life in heaven.