Pfizer Executive Goes Ballistic After O’Keefe Confronts Him


Yesterday Project Veritas posted a video of a Pfizer executive named, Jordan Trishton Walker, telling his date that Pfizer was mutating COVID to create future vaccines. Walker told his date, “Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone.”

The problem for Walker is the ‘date’ is a Project Veritas undercover reporter.

Walker also said truthfully that there is a revolving door from government to Pfizer to government We all know that. he said it’s bad for America, and that’s true too.

He was confronted by James O’Keefe and lost it. He saw his life blowing up in front of him. He said, growing increasingly upset, that he was “lying” to “impress a date.”

Mr. Walker got into a push-shove match and smashed the iPad on the floor. O’Keefe said it’s the first time anyone became violent. It’s surprising it’ the first time, this man saw his life passing before him.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

The words of the executive show he is not competent or mature. The AA token black homosexual is in fear of his lavish lifestyle being under jeopardy. He probably lives in a lavish $5,000+ a month condo with a view of the city.

He is not capable of directing the global strategic planning of anything.

Last edited 4 months ago by The Prisoner
4 months ago

Call the police – I do not FEEL SAFE. LOL!

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
4 months ago

Isn’t February heart health month? Valentines might trigger a few reactions. Fair warning.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
4 months ago

I think it is disgusting the PV people ambush innocents and….

What do you mean?…
Pfizer is lying and this was not a innocent?
They are killing people?

Well someone who takes part in a murder or the coverup of the same is certainly not an innocent! He should be jailed for his multiple assault!!!!

Good work Project Veritas, the truth needs to be told!!!!!