The AI Menace That Threatens Our Way of Life


Artificial intelligence destroy humanity.

Yesterday, my husband picked up the phone, and the voice said, “Hello, is Maura there?” When he said, “No,” the voice on the other end said it was a computer and would call back. It knew my husband wasn’t me and asked for me by name. My phone knows what I’m going to type and where I’m going before I do. It’s the AI, artificial intelligence, the tyrants among us hope to use to control us down the road.

You can’t even tell they are computers anymore.

AI can even produce images. It’s getting scary.

Will the powers that be use it to trick, track, control, manipulate, and obfuscate? We think so. It’s a great new weapon, and many corrupt people are under those rocks.

We know they have begun to weaponize all of the government against the people. The weapons they used against our terrorist enemies are now modified to use against the American people to silence dissent. They are now empowered beyond all reason.

Just the News reports:

The government’s campaign to fight “misinformation” has expanded to adapt military-grade artificial intelligence once used to silence the Islamic State (ISIS) to quickly identify and censor American dissent on issues like vaccine safety and election integrity, according to grant documents and cyber experts.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded several million dollars in grants recently to universities and private firms to develop tools eerily similar to those developed in 2011 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in its Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) program.

DARPA said those tools were used “to help identify misinformation or deception campaigns and counter them with truthful information,” beginning with the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East that spawned ISIS over a decade ago. 

The goals:
    1. “Detect, classify, measure and track the (a) formation, development and spread of ideas and concepts (memes), and (b) purposeful or deceptive messaging and misinformation.
    2. Recognize persuasion campaign structures and influence operations across social media sites and communities.
    3. Identify participants and intent, and measure the effects of persuasion campaigns.
    4. Counter messaging of detected adversary influence operations.”

There is nothing acceptable in any way about this. It necessarily hurts Americans’ rights. We must not give this power to the government.

This AI network, funded by DARPA, will target two groups:

The new version of this technology, he added, is openly targeting two groups: Those wary of potential adverse effects from the COVID-19 vaccine and those skeptical of recent U.S. election results. 

This is a government set on leftist ideals and propaganda. That’s our government now. Is this what we want? These same people claim they are transparent and honest.

If you question the corrupt election, you’re a domestic terrorist. If you are concerned about the provable adverse effects of a EUA, you’re a domestic terrorist. Is this the government our Founding Fathers planned?

Mike Benz, executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, writes:

“One of the most disturbing aspects of the Convergence Accelerator Track F domestic censorship projects is how similar they are to military-grade social media network censorship and monitoring tools developed by the Pentagon for the counterinsurgency and counterterrorism contexts abroad,” reads the report. 

“The terrifying thing is, as all of this played out, it was redirected inward during 2016 — domestic populism was treated as a foreign national security threat,” Benz said.

The advent of COVID led to “normalizing censorship in the name of public health,” Benz recounted, “and then in the run to the 2020 election, all manner of political censorship was shoehorned in as being okay to be targetable using AI because of issues around mail-in ballots and early voting drop boxes and issues around January 6th.

“And so they created a new track called the track F program … and it’s for ‘trust and authenticity,’ but what that means is, and what it’s a code word for is, if trust in the government or trust in the media cannot be earned, it must be installed. And so they are funding artificial intelligence, censorship capacities, to censor people who distrust government or media.

In other words, if you don’t trust us and question us, we will censor you. This is an unfettered assault on our entire society by a corrupt government intruding into our lives. It is an abject weaponization of all of our agencies. We must stop this misuse.

AI is a threat to our existence.

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