We Don’t Need NY Girl Police Who Dance


The New York girl police have a dance team of mostly not-svelte dancers. We don’t need a dance team struggling through dance moves; we only need crime prevention. They practice three times a week for three hours when they’re off-duty. They do need the exercise.

They don’t look like they could catch a criminal.

The Report from ABC News 7

“I’m just answering 911 jobs all day, all day, all day out of roll call until it’s time to go home,” said NYPD Dance Team Vice President Lauren Pagan. “Music is amazing. And when I get to sit here and just listen, even if it’s the same song over and over, it’s a nice place to be. Everybody here loves to dance. They love being here.”

“It could be the longest, hardest day at work. I come here, the girls are always smiling, and it’s just nice,” Pagan said.

The dance team performs at police versus firefighters games, galas, and even at schools to promote physical and mental health.

“They’re always surprised, like, do you get the bad guys?” Martinez said. “It’s so fun. They love to dance. They love learning. And we love teaching it to them. They get so excited whenever we come.”


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