WHO Director Is Back Warning About Disease X


World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros is warning about Disease X again. Disease X is an imaginary, non-existent, soon-to-be pandemic. The elites at the last World Economic Forum meeting warned the pandemic was coming. This is as The WHO is talking about all member nations signing up for a Pandemic “Treaty.” The treaty is a totalitarian screed.

“It may be caused by an influenza virus or a new coronavirus. Or it may be caused by a new pathogen we don’t even know about yet, what we call Disease X,” he said. Disease X “Is a matter of when, not if,” he warned.

Gain-of-function is still taking place in the United States and internationally. The next accident could happen at any time. Certainly, it will be in time for signing the “treaty.”

Tedros didn’t mention that the last pandemic was engineered and spread by China. They sent its citizens worldwide when they wouldn’t let them travel within China.

We mustn’t forget how we were tricked into believing the virus was so extraordinary that we had to lose all our human rights for the common good. The China virus was only dangerous to the very elderly and those who were ill.

Are we going to trust them again? Never forget how abusive people became if we didn’t obey and keep getting jabbed. Remember all the manufactured crises and the abuse of employees, forcing them to get inoculated with the experimental shot. They even forced children to get the shot. It showed us who our fellow Americans are at the core, and many came up lacking.

If they get away with it, they will do it again. They’ve gotten away with it so far.

While it’s called a treaty, it can’t be a treaty unless two-thirds of the Senate agrees. However, they could do what they did with the Paris Accords – pretend it’s an Accord.

James Woods thinks he knows when it will appear.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns Joe Biden not to sign it.

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