We Have Pirates in Third World San Francisco Bay


San Francisco Bay boaters now have to fight off homeless pirates who boat in on dinghies and rob large boats and houseboats. Luxurious San Fran Bay is becoming third-world.

A pirate cut one line during a fight, letting the boat drift out to the estuary. There was no way to get it back.

The pirates ride off in dinghies.


Crime is soaring in the surrounding cities of Oakland and San Francisco. The pirates are only the latest thieves in a new crime arising from the lack of law enforcement.

Residents along the Oakland-Alameda estuary told a community meeting last week that boats have been cut loose so that they drift out to sea. One woman even recounted how she had rescued another resident on a sailboat in the middle of the night after pirates slashed his rigging lines during an argument.

“If there had been any wind at the time, I wouldn’t have been able to go out there and rescue this young man who had no motor and no ability to sail that boat,” she said.

The thieves live in homeless encampments out of the city. They use dinghies for smash-and-grab raids on larger vessels and houseboats.

“The shoreline of the (Oakland-Alameda) estuary is littered with sunken wrecks and derelict, end-of-life vessels, and crime has risen to truly intolerable levels,’ former harbor master for the area Brock de Lappe told Fox News Digital.

The former harbor master told KGO that pirates have been targeting five different locations along the channel – including Jack London Square, the Jack London Square Aquatic Center, the Estuary Channel west of the Bayside Hotel, Union Point Park West, Union Point Park East.

Kame Richards with Alameda Community Sailing Center, an organization that teaches young kids to sail, shared that four of their eight safety boats had been stolen, and police were slow to react.

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