Rep. Matt Gaetz Files a Motion to Vacate the Speakership


On Monday, Rep. Matt Gaetz filed a motion to vacate the speakership. He said he wants to see if Democrats bail Kevin McCarthy out.

Rep. Nancy Mace said on The View Monday that she wasn’t sure how she would vote.

“I think there are about a dozen or so Republicans that will support the motion to vacate. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen. I think McCarthy will get the votes of Democrats to support him.”

Rep. Gaetz was angry over Speaker McCarthy’s deal over Ukraine billions with the Democrats behind Republicans’ backs. McCarthy lied to Republicans while making a deal with Democrats.

One problem with tossing McCarthy is who will they get to replace him? It might be a lot worse. Another problem is that conservatives don’t have the numbers to get their agenda through. Republicans include Libertarians, who are generally fiscal conservatives but liberal in other areas; moderates, who are the largest group; and then there are the smaller group of conservatives. Conservatives don’t have the clout, and the moderates would rather support Democrats than Conservatives. That has been made obvious.

A reporter asked Rep. Gaetz if he worries about causing chaos and “paralyzing an institution that your party runs?”

Gaetz responded, “You know what I think paralyzes us? Continuing to govern by continuing resolution and omnibus. You know what I think throws this institution into chaos? Marching us toward the dollar not being the global reserve currency anymore. You talk about chaos as if it’s me forcing a few votes and filing a few motions. Real chaos is when the American people have to go through the austerity that is coming if we continue to have $2 trillion annual deficits. You don’t know chaos until you’ve seen where this congress and this Uniparty is bringing us.”

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