We know why Jim Acosta is attending CPAC


CPAC attendees weren’t thrilled to see CNN ‘reporter’ Jim Acosta, whose only claim to fame is his vicious personal attacks on Donald Trump and his supporters.

He’s been desperate for attention since Donald Trump left the public stage.

In one clip posted below, a Federalist reporter asked Acosta when his network would cover Andrew Cuomo. Acosta easily deserves the confrontation. He was also confronted at another point by the crowd with chants of ‘CNN sucks.’ He had another clip he posted of a woman in the crowd saying, “Get him, get him,” but he left out the context.

Kaitlin Bennett also tried to get him to condemn Antifa, and there is a clip of that.

Acosta retweeted anything that he could use to make CPAC look bad. He’s reporting as negatively as possible on the CPAC speakers and is undoubtedly eager to tear into Donald Trump’s speech tomorrow. Let’s face it, he’s great at cherry-picking and damaging the Right, at least with his readers.

The reason Acosta attended CPAC was to do exactly that — pick apart anything that could be used for a negative soundbite. He makes no attempt to report fairly — none.

Jake Tapper, a vicious ‘host’

Jake Tapper is another absolutely awful person who used everything he could to trash the former president and his supporters. This is despicable.

Tapper told Acosta to triple mask in a demented dig at the CPAC attendees. These people are not reporters. They are far-left activists. We don’t need Donald Trump to tell us CNN is not a news network.


The Federalist reporter confronts:

Here is the crowd chanting, “CNN sucks,” and they do.

Kaitlin Bennett tried to get Acosta to condemn Antifa. He wasn’t interested in that.

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