Chip Roy Explodes Over the Latest Spending Debacle


Chip Roy exploded on the House floor over the $40 billion spending debacle for Ukraine, a State Department slush fund, and other pork. It’s another debacle while the rest of us can’t fill our gas tanks.

The representatives got the bill at 3 O’Clock in the afternoon without time to look at it, no debate, and with no idea what’s really in it while it’s not paid for. Massive funds go to State and billions for an economic sports fund, and more. How is this not another spending debacle?

He wanted to talk about the American people and inflation.

Watch him explode:

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1 year ago

iThe job Liz Chaney got booted out from should be his. Else Stefanik is not much different from worthless McCarthy.

mostly grey
mostly grey
1 year ago

Chip Roy appears to be the only one in both houses that is willing to call others on their BS and attempt to hold them accountable for their actions. With Rand Paul another attempting to hold the destroyers accountable. Add in Jim Jordan and a handful of others, and you can see how we are playing a loosing battle. Yet more proof the entire system has succumbed to corruption of the worst sort and the entire gommermint needs to be changed out for people that will hold their OATHS of Office above their personal needs and power grabs on our backs.