Gennady Shkliarevsky

The Senate has spoken loud and clear. President Trump has won an acquittal for the second time. He is free to run for President again in 2024. If America’s ordeal is to be over, we must start talking about the future.

The scramble to define the future has already begun. The Republicans project winning control over the House in 2022 and possibly electing President in 2024. The Republican National Committee has invited President Trump to address its meeting in spring. Senator Lindsay Graham, who always keeps his nose close to the wind, has already announced that he plans to meet with President Trump to talk about the future of the Republican Party and America.

The second win of President Trump signals a broader victory against progressive liberals. The continuous attacks against him have failed spectacularly. Now the Democrats face an uphill battle to revive their moribund war effort against America. There are still some pockets of resistance but they certainly are increasingly incapable of mounting a massive offensive.

Now is the time to start building on recent successes and consolidating gains. Such consolidation requires an objective assessment of the experience of the last several years. In looking over the recent past, one has to recognize the enormous role played by the movement of common Americans against elite rule. Not only has it managed to survive, but also has sustained its faith in the justice of its cause and hope for victory. The fact that its participants are fighting for their dignity and freedom is its most important strength.

The democratic aspirations for universal inclusion and empowerment have made the success of the movement possible. These aspirations constitute the foundation for America’s future. Any discussion of America’s future must include participants in this movement.

The Republican Party can and should play in these discussions. There has recently been some talk about creating a new party. This idea is a result of uncertainty and confusion that have affected the Republican Party. However, as the confusion lapses and uncertainty recedes, we must recognize that the Republican Party can recapture its old glory. As in the past, it can help lead America to a better future. Meetings between Republican leaders and President Trump on the future of the party and America are timely and necessary.

As the movement makes clear, the future of America is impossible without universal inclusion and empowerment. Many ideas are waiting to be vetted; many details are yet to be elaborated. But we have made a good start and there is no reason to think that we cannot accomplish this task. We must align and coordinate all constructive forces. The alignment of these constructive forces will serve as the foundation for ensuring the future of this country that lies in freedom, dignity, peace, and prosperity for all Americans.


Dr. Gennady Shkliarevsky is Professor Emeritus at Bard College, New York



  1. It has sustained its faith because it is the good fight.
    Humanity will win in the end but it won’t be easy.
    We will be tested again so don’t get too complacent.

    I have set the Lord continually before me; because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

    Psalms 16:8

  2. The leftists have demonstrated that they can be reactive when it comes to implementing a Communist regime. Conservatives will have to become a lot more proactive to ensure that their communist takeover doesn’t succeed. #ImpeachBidenHarris

  3. I see nothing which is loud and clear. For 57 senators to vote for conviction when there is no evidence of it, the trial was illegal due to Trump being out of office, and the trial was illegal due to the judge being not the chief justice, is a disaster.

    Graham has nothing useful to offer the party or the nation. He was an active participant in the cover up of the Muller frame crimes. To count on him for anything shows how desperate conservatives are. Were you paying attention?

    The acquittal was not a victory over progressive liberals, and was not a victory at all, again revealing how desperate republicans are. This was not a democrat versus republican fight. This is not the Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers. The republican party “leadership” is anti-Trump globalists, they are not conservative, they supported the Mueller frame operation, they supported the election coup. They are not on my side, I look to them for nothing.

    Don’t tell me that I “must” look to the republican party. You are just a cheerleader. We see what the party did the last 4 years to Trump. It’s not your fairy tale. Go get your pom poms and have a great time. Your “strategy” fails for certain. We do not need more of your “discussions” , we need action. Big, fast changes are needed in the party, including a purge of the entire leadership. There is no way I and many others will vote for any republican that is not explicitly pro-Trump and pro-MAGA. We are permanently alienated from that RINO crowd and you gave no reason against that. You gave no policies nor strategy for improvement, because you have none.

    • Your feedback is valuable. I would also like to give you my feedback. First of all, I think acquittal is important. It is a second acquittal and I think that two acquittals make a loud and clear response. I doubt that many people on the progressive side now believe in these impeachments. I do not want to argue a moot point whether trial was legal or illegal. This is not important now. It did take place so let’s leave it at that.

      Politics is not about good or bad. Politics is about bad and worse. Graham is not my hero. Would I make him my friend? No! But the fact that he wants to talk to Trump is important. Let’s be realistic.

      So, what was this acquittal in your view? A defeat? I did not say that it defeats progressive liberalism. The Democrats still have much life left in them. But it is a victory and we have not had too many of them. So, let’s take this one and enjoy for now. The Republican Party leadership is not a group of warriors for justice. They are wily politicians who mind their own advantages. That’s fine. We do not live in the ideal world, in case you have not noticed.

      I did not say that you or anyone else MUST lood to the Republican Party. Actually, the point that I repeatedly make is that we must rely on ourselves. Remember, political parties are still a reality and they are important. Would I like to have a third party? Sure, but I would also like to have a Mercedes. It does not matter what I want. What matters is what I have.

      Finally, you do not want discussions. Fine. You do not have to take part. However, what kind of swift and decisive action you propose? Let me know when you have a chance.

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