Soros DA releases man who hired a hitman to kill his wife, her brother, and others


Khosrow Gharib didn’t know the hitman he hired to attack his estranged wife, Bahar Danesh, was actually an undercover Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer, KTTV reported.

He offered the hitman $20,000 to kill or permanently injure his wife of 8 years, Tracey Green, after a 12-year divorce.

“He [Gharib] said, ‘I want you to break 100 bones in her body, from her feet to her hands, rearrange the face, break the spine,’” Green said. “And then when the hitman said, ‘What? Paralyze her?’ He said, ‘No, the lower spine,’ and he went into detail about what bone or where you break in the spine and focus on the lower spine.”

He allegedly offered to kick in another $20,000 if the hitman could pull off killing Danesh’s brother, too.

According to court transcripts, “the defendant keeps telling the hitman, ‘if you need to eliminate her, go ahead, what else can we do? If the brother becomes a problem, you can eliminate him too,’” KTTV reported.

“If you do a good job, I have other jobs for you,” Gharib allegedly added, according to the court records.

Gharib was arrested immediately after he gave the undercover officer a $1,000 down payment.

But detectives soon called Green and Danesh to let them know Soros DA Gascon had charged Gharib with a far lesser offense than expected, KTTV reported.

“Bahar and I both got phone calls from the detective saying, ‘Bad news, you know what the situation is with the Gascon’s office right now…they booked this as a solicitation to commit assault,’” Green told the news outlet.

If convicted of the charge against him, Gharib could be placed on probation.

At most, he could be sentenced to three years and eight months in prison.

Gascon later issued a statement claiming there “was insufficient evidence to prove solicitation for murder because the defendant specifically instructed not to kill the intended victim,” KTTV reported.

They had video and audio of him discussing killing her, her brother, and others, but that wasn’t enough for the Soros DA.

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