Weakest President in US History Sends Troops to Taiwan


The Biden administration has put 200 US troops on the front-line islands 3.7 miles from China “to train with Taiwan.” The US is deeply in debt, and our leadership has already given us the surrender of Afghanistan.

China knows the US is at its weakest and has set up an axis with Russia and Iran.

What could possibly go wrong?

So, we have our ally Israel fighting for its existence, and Biden is trying to force them to back down, exhibiting weakness and the willingness to back down. The war in Ukraine is lost.

The US is in no position to take on Iran, Russia, and China.

In response to reports that US special forces were operating on the islands, Chiu Kuo-cheng, the Taiwanese minister, admitted on Tuesday that his country’s military was learning from American forces there.

“This exchange is for mutual observation, to identify the problems we have, figure out how to improve, and to recognize their strengths so we can learn from them,” he said.

He added: “We can learn from each other to see what strengths we have. This is a fixed thing.”

Screengrab of US troops in Taiwan

The Kinmen Islands sit on the far side of the Taiwan Strait, the 110-mile body of water that separates Taiwan and China. They are around 100 miles from Taiwan but easily visible from the Chinese mainland.

China, via China Daily, claims the US is escalating to start a proxy war with China.

Also, Reuters reports Taiwan’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that China has built “enormous” military bases on three islands surrounding Taiwan’s main holding in the South China Sea.

However, Taipei is not looking to escalate tensions in the strategic waterway further.

Taiwan and China claim most of the South China Sea as their own territory. Still, Taiwan only controls one islet in the contested Spratly Islands deep in the southern part of the sea called Itu Aba, which Taiwan refers to as Taiping.

With China presenting this threat, Biden wants to make us totally reliant on them for travel by electrifying the entire United States, beginning with our vehicles.

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