Weaponizing the IRS to Silence You


Dems Weaponize the IRS to Silence Critics

by Betsy McCaughey

The public should be frightened that Democrats are passing new legislation to weaponize the already abusive Internal Revenue Service.

For nearly a century, the IRS has been used by presidents and members of Congress to harass and incriminate political foes. In addition to collecting revenue to fund the government, the IRS is a hit squad that destroys reputations and criminalizes dissenters.

This isn’t the FBI or CIA training. It’s your IRS agents’ training. Screenshot from a news clip at Kyle Becker.

A lot of pain can be inflicted under the guise of tax “auditing.” The bill passed by Congress last week, erroneously labeled the Inflation Reduction Act, will mean more audits and investigations. The bill roughly doubles funding for the IRS enforcement division, adding an estimated 49,600 agents and auditors.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is starving the Defense Department, requesting too little funding to even keep up with inflation, despite Russian and Chinese aggression. Yet his bill will make the IRS three-quarters the size of the U.S. Marine Corps. Who’s Biden making war on?

It’s true the IRS needs funding to improve services to taxpayers, including getting phone calls answered and returns processed and moving from antiquated paper files to modern technology. The bill allocates a minuscule amount to those priorities and puts the lion’s share — over $45 billion — into “enforcement,” including hiring and arming agents.

As much as 90% of the funds raised through beefed-up audits will come from people making less than $200,000 a year, according to the bipartisan Joint Committee on Taxation. Audits can bring a tsunami of government document demands and repeated visits from IRS agents over months or even years. Most people don’t have accountants and lawyers to insulate them from the pain.

While the bill increases IRS muscle, it fails to impose serious criminal penalties for leaking confidential taxpayer information and political targeting. History shows how dangerous that will be.

In the 1930s, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the IRS to harass newspaper publishers who opposed his New Deal and adversaries like Huey Long and Charles Coughlin.

Throughout the 1950s and ’60s, the IRS gave FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover access to its files, allowing tax information to be weaponized against the National Council of Churches, the NAACP, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

President John F. Kennedy set up the Ideological Organizations Audit Project to target right-leaning groups, including the think tank American Enterprise Institute and the John Birch Society.

President Richard Nixon’s counsel, John Dean, admitted the administration used “the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies.” The IRS was Nixon’s weapon of choice. The article of impeachment against Nixon included charges that he ordered “income tax audits or other income tax investigations” in “a discriminatory manner.”

President Bill Clinton sicced the IRS on accusers Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones.

President Barack Obama’s IRS targeted tea party groups and other conservative nonprofits leading up to the 2012 presidential election, delaying their tax status to keep them from raising money. That scandal blew open in 2013 when IRS official Lois Lerner admitted the targeting. Yet no charges were brought against Lerner or any other IRS official, and she retired with full benefits.


Betsy McCaughey is the former Lt. Gov. of New York and a contributor on Newsmax TV. Article printed with permission of Betsy McCaughey via BarbaraS.

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6 months ago

Ultimately high taxes, and the way about this lot are going to go about getting it will drive people and Wealth away from the country, allowing it to slide a little quicker into a communist country that it is ,like Ronald R said fascism in the future will come in the form of liberalism and it has .

Ghost Gun
Ghost Gun
7 months ago

The Armed IRS Training Video
I know they’re training, but I spot something that needs correcting if using a real gun. Reference 1:12 in video: The heavier trainee is going to enjoy it when the slide retracts after the first discharge and rips his thumb. At 1:40 another one does it.

Last edited 7 months ago by Ghost Gun
Dweebo Tredsdorft
Dweebo Tredsdorft
7 months ago

All federal government employees are the enemy of the people…..

7 months ago

This will lead to the Repeal of the 16th Amendment and the dismantling of the IRS. The IRS operates outside the bounds of the Constitution as does the FBI. The IRS is being turned into a Federal Government Paramilitary Organization. The US Government has dozens or Paramilitary Organizations and none are authorized under the Constitution. The Constitution specifically requires the calling forth of the State Militias. The Constitution requires going through the States for manpower as a check on Federal Government Power. The Founders and the Constitution never envisioned a Federal Government this powerful and has safeguards against this kind of centralization of power, but the Constitution has been ignored for over 100 years.

Sick of it All
Sick of it All
7 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Abolish every alphabet rogue organization.

John Vieira
John Vieira
7 months ago

“The Cream rises to the top…shit also floats…