Rabid Pro-Vaxxer Chris Cuomo Takes “Horse Paste” Ivermectin


I meant to report this a few days ago. Rabid pro-vaxxer Chris Cuomo, who thinks he has vaccine injury, has found ivermectin. He shouldn’t have listened to the politicized bureaucrats since he is a journalist. As a result, he might have been left with a vax injury.

You don’t have to be a doctor to look at the research and check with doctors on both sides of the argument. Dr. Fauci continually talked down to people, suggesting you had to be a doctor of his stature to understand any of it.

Do your own research.

Remember the horse-paste mantra Democrats put out? They said it was only a paste for deworming horses. Plenty of medications for humans are also used for animals. RFK Jr. explained why he thinks they lied.

After all the fear-mongering, they know it works, and we can use it. How many people died unnecessarily?

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