Former Weather Underground leader handles BLM funds


Bill O’Reilly explained on his podcast this week that Black Lives Matter, a communist organization, is funded by George Soros and similar bad actors. The funding is very sketchy. Someone should investigate but no one will.

They are not supposed to receive money as a non-profit, but they do anyway through their alliance with a so-called far-left charity called ‘ThousandCurrents,’ which is tax-exempt.

Money to them is often funneled through ActBlue, a very far-left Soros operation. The money is laundered with everyone getting a cut.

In fact, 71% of the millions that Black Lives Matter Global receives goes to their salaries and consultants. The consultants could be anybody.

Tom Fitton confirmed the illicit relationship.

ActBlue handles the fundraising for Black Lives Matter and most Democrats.  After their cut, the money raised appears to go to ThousandCurrents, and finally, to BLM.


We now discover that one person who sits on the board of ThousandCurrents is Susan Rosenberg.

Susan Rosenberg Human and Prisoner Rights Advocate and Writer Thousand Currents Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors Susan Rosenberg is a human rights and prisoner rights advocate, adjunct professor, communications consultant, award-winning writer, public speaker, and a formerly incarcerated person, ThousandCurrents reports.

A former member of the Weather Underground, she served sixteen years in federal prison before being pardoned by President Bill Clinton in 2001. She was and is a domestic terrorist allied with Bill Ayers, Barack Obama’s colleague for three years at Annenberg.

Rosenberg was charged with a role in the 1983 bombing of the United States Capitol Building, the U.S. Naval War College and the New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, but the charges were dropped as part of a plea deal by other members of her group.

Convicted of explosives possession in 1984, she received a 58-year-sentence. She was tied to the infamous Brink’s robbery. Her lawyers contend that, had the case not been politically charged, Rosenberg would have received a five-year sentence.

She was never apologetic.

After her release, she became a professor in New York and that move was harshly criticized by then-Mayor Giuliani. Now, as a board member, we speculate that she can help lead the organized astroturf riots we see in every city. These riots are NOT grassroots movements. And she has the money to do it.

These people hate America and have their minions tearing it down. They are also self-professed communists.

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libra l
libra l
1 year ago

So it is the old Weather Underground resurrected?. Bill Ayers brought us Barak Obama. They are all Communists seeking the Overthrow and destruction of the USA. The same old group is laundering the funds coming in to Black Live Matter… They need to be charged under the RICO Act and not tomorrow but now. Good old Jerry Nadler–he defended them and got them out of prison and now he sits on the Judiciary Board. No wonder he was threatening to Impeach A.G. Barr. Why is there an almost 50% average of Jews on the Judiciary Board of the U.S. Congress? Is Nancy the arbiter of who sits on the Judiciary Board? Such a tragedy for this Circus of Clowns sparring with a Giant and televised world wide.
1 year ago

Ohhhhh… I am sick to my core..

2 years ago

No real surprise. RICO investigation better be getting a move on. If not the American public will address this matter, in due course.

2 years ago

Maybe, just maybe, if the FBI weren’t sending 15 agents to investigate a garage door rope they would have time to uncover some Real Crimes. But, I guess that is just Too much to ask for. They certainly had plenty of agents and resources to arrest the most infamous criminal of our time, Roger Stone. Where is the FBI director Christopher Wray. His interview on Fox was a clear indication he is in over his head.