Weekend & Mass Shootings Continue in Dem Run Chicago – Media Mum


Sunday, spurred on by early August mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, there were demonstrations calling for new regulations on firearms.  Meanwhile, Chicago, home to some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, was finishing up another weekend of horrific gun violence.  As of this writing, there were at least 23 wounded and 5 killed from Friday through Sunday.  

Two of those fatalities were women.  A 13-year-old girl was shot while in her bedroom.  Two assaults qualified as mass shootings.  

This little girl was shot while lying down on a bed.

Here’s a very brief recap of the previous three weekends in Chicago:

  • July 26-28    Forty-eight shot, 8 killed 
  • August 2-4   Forty-six wounded, 7 killed
  • August 9-11 Forty-seven shot, 5 killed

And, while Democrat presidential candidates ambulance chase shootings with multiple victims, they continue to ignore similar carnage inside the Windy City.  

The stats are stunning:

  • To date, there have been 26 mass shootings in Chicago.
  • In a period spanning July 14-August 18, there were 15 mass shootings.  

This year, in Chi-Town, there have been almost 320 homicides, with the overwhelming majority the result of gun violence.  

Yet not a single Democrat presidential hopeful has filled their campaign ambulance up with the same media types who breathlessly report on shootings that fit the Dem political narrative and visited that great metropolis.  

Why?  We all know why.  It’s almost impossible to legally buy a firearm in Chicago, and that city has been run by Democrats for almost a century.  


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