WEF Is Targeting Hispanic Gen-Zs, the New American Majority


The world just watched the global elites of the World Economic Forum meet in Davos to plan the future for 8.8 billion people in the world. Since Klaus Schwab has operatives in governments and businesses throughout the world and the United States. We should take this seriously. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF), an arm of the UN, is everywhere in society, and WEF proponents believe equality goes hand-in-hand with DEI. Some participants suggested the tokenization (digitization) of “immutable values”(values that can’t be changed, such as race) be woven into every company’s DNA.

A goal of the WEF is to incorporate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategies to especially build on the “S” of ESG (environmental, social, and governance).

They say there is more work ahead for organizations to establish continued equity (discrimination) in the workforce. They want to keep building on the social to include a more inclusive environment [We know where that leaves white people and white men in particular].

Some of the critical statistics of today that they reported are:
  • 86% of Gen Z job seekers cite a company’s commitment to diversity as an important factor in deciding whether or not to accept an offer
  • 50% of women of color are thinking of leaving in 2 years
  • 55% of women leave tech roles before 35 years old

Gen Z job seekers seem to have completely bought into this Marxist-based ideology. It’s a bad sign for the United States.

The WEF wants businesses to drive DEI strategies to address the top challenges by taking action on their diversity commitments and offering sponsorship and programs for women, especially women of color in male-dominated fields.

They are also pushing Latinos [sucking them into their Marxist ideology]. The WEF says that Latinos must be at the forefront.

The white paper by the World Economic Forum and Accenture, titled Social jobs can create a resilient future of work. It focuses on the U.S., and reinforces that Latinos are going to drive the future of work. The WEF emphasized that over 50% of the US population growth in the US is attributed to Hispanics.

The total economic output, the GDP of US Latinos is at 2.7 trillion. If this group were a stand-alone country, it would be the 8th largest GDP in the world. They report that 58% of Hispanics are under the age of 34 versus 39% of non-Hispanic whites. [Whites will soon be a minority. The open borders are escalating it.]

Who is going to shape the future workforce and ensure global companies thrive? The WEF insists the talent pipeline and advancement strategies must be Latino-specific.

The message is to push Latinos now that the border is open and Latinos will soon be the majority in the United States.


This helps explain why the New York State government is openly discriminating against whites and Chinese. And no one says anything.

Asian parents are suing New York over the NY STEP Act which openly discriminates against them. It also discriminates against white people. If you are a Black, Hispanic, or Native American, you are automatically eligible to apply for this, and you’re a student.

The program has been around since the 80s and it has always been based on merit – until the Marxists stepped in. Whites and Asians have to show hardship to get into the program, whereas a wealthy Hispanic child can get in automatically.

The state is being sued. Read more here. People are having difficulty understanding this, but WEF’s infiltration likely explains it. This could be why WEF is so set on making sure Donald Trump doesn’t win.

Everything Marxist can be linked to Globalists, including the UN, WEF, The WHO, the World Bank, et cetera.

Give up freedom now, and you will never get it back. The WEF said their new goal is to rebuild trust. The way they plan to do it is with more censorship, surveillance, and global totalitarianism.

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1 month ago

DEI should be DIE-Death In Effect.
That is the end result.