Wefare USA! Socialist NYC’s $1400 Debit Cards for ‘Newcomers’


Mayor Eric Adams’s administration launched its program to give prepaid debit cards to New York City migrants this week. Adams signed a no-bid $53 million contract for the deal.

Staffers with the New Jersey company Mobility Capital Finance handed out eight preloaded Mastercards at the Roosevelt Hotel on Monday as part of its pilot program that will expand to 115 cards by next week.

They came illegally and are now rewarded. It makes no sense to anyone ever.

According to the New York Post, the administration scaled back the original plan, which would have loaded up the cards with $1400 monthly for food and baby supplies.

$17,000 Year for Free

Cash will need to be replenished each week.

It’s almost $17,000 a year to people who never earned it. Adams claims he doesn’t want illegal immigration, and New York City is closed. If that were so, he wouldn’t invite them in with goodies. Watch what he says, not what he does.

Also, a startup founded by a former JP Morgan banker gets a $2 million no-bid contract for distributing the money.

Charlie Kirk commented that America’s wealth took two and a half centuries to build, and now everyone is allowed to plunder it except for you.

Illegal aliens were already getting free food, housing, free healthcare, free lawyers, free flights, and other items such as anything for the baby, and now they get cash.

This fellow explains the big, fat invitation for more illegal immigration that we can’t afford but will fund:

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