WEFer Germans Suggest Washing 1X a Week or Less


ZDF, German public TV, suggests that Germans bathe once a week or less. Weeks ago, the Instagram site of WDR kugelzwei presented some tips that save heat and energy for citizens to consider: showering only once a week. WattsUpWithThat reports. The propaganda video suggests using a sink to wash in lieu of a shower and even taking common baths.

The public baths were infamous in Greece and Rome for sexual decadence.


The clip suggests you’d save time getting ready, and people would learn to be more tolerant of body odor. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be more tolerant of body odor.

Meanwhile, do you think the elites will stop using their showers?

They really do think of us as peasants and the great unwashed ones.

WDR also cited research from Great Britain on the impacts that lockdowns had on showering. “In a YouGov survey, 17% of Britons said they shower less since the lockdowns. Among younger people aged 18 to 24, as many as 27% skip showering sometimes.”

This is what the World Economic Forum kooks under Klaus Schwab want for all of us. And that war in Ukraine is a WEF War. Ukraine is a WEF country digitizing everything and making everyone obey the narrative.

The Germans are entirely ensconsed in the WEF hive mind and this is what you get. Their leader,  Klaus Schwab has the entire West spouting his evil mandates without the consultation or permission of the people.

If you pledge allegiance to Schwab’s Fourth Reich, you cannot also support your nation or the people.

These social engineers, unelected Oligarchs, are manipulating world events and sticking it to the middle class and the poor.

Their rules-based new world order is the destruction of sovereignty, freedom, and capitalism, which they’ve successfully demonized.

WEF is manipulating all of this with sanctions that don’t hurt Russia, just the US.

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