Weissmann slips about NSA spying on Americans and sharing with DoJ


Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse reported yesterday about a recent Andrew Weissman interview at MSNBC. What came out of it is the NSA apparently spies freely on Americans and shares whenever they please with the DoJ.

Andrew Weissmann, the sketchy Robert Mueller consigliere, accidentally shared the fact that they share data with the rest of the DOJ.

As background, a whistleblower told Tucker the NSA was spying on him, reading his emails, and also provided proof. The NSA not only spied, but the NSA also leaked it to other journalists. It’s illegal.

In thie segment below, the sleazy lawyer says Tucker should have gone to the DoJ with his concerns.

Why would Tucker go to the DoJ? The NSA has a foreign intelligence mission, and the DOJ has a domestic federal law enforcement mission. And why does the DoJ have access to the NSA data?


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