We’re Becoming a Police State, Starting with the FBI


Last Week, after Congress questioned FBI Director Wray, Fox reporter Trace Gallagher discussed FBI abuses with Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. Mr. Fitton is trying to do something about it. We have so few making any effort at all.

GALLAGHER: The FBI is searching Americans’ cell phones, their texts, their emails, electronic communications, and, you know, the whole thing is, a lot of these are mistakes… you got a government that doesn’t care about the rules, so they don’t care if they quote mistakes are made. Then there’s the political component, where you had Donald Trump and others improperly targeted using this same process. Where the courts found there was something wrong. They did it on purpose, and they knowingly abused the process to get spy warrants. So you know this is a dangerous time where you have the FBI accidentally spying on you and then the FBI directly spying on you. We’re targeting American citizens because it looks like they’re on the wrong side of the Biden administration politically.”

Mr. Gallagher played a clip of Director Wray saying this to Congress last week:

“I’ve turned over the entire leadership team since I joined the FBI. I’ve put in place all kinds of new policies, procedures, training systems, enhancements, all to reinforce that sort of top-line message that I was describing to you a minute ago, which is that we’re going to follow the facts wherever they lead, no matter who likes it.”

GALLAGHER: “Yeah, tracking people to the ends of the earth, Tom. I mean Hunter Biden notwithstanding and tracking you, everybody, around. What do you make of that? I mean, we had information to the FBI. An FBI agent or two hid information about Hunter Biden just before the election in 2020. You have the FBI targeting parents.”

FITTON: “We just sued with Catholic Vote … for records about the FBI’s targeting of traditional Catholics. You know, wanting to spy on churches and parishes. …the idea that the FBI could be trusted in light of all these abuses.

“… he’s  [Wray}asking for $11 billion. He got 37,000 people working at the FBI, 13,000 special agents. That’s the size of many countries’ armies.

GALLAGHER: “And I just wanted you to expound on that… we’re talking about Catholics, traditional Catholics, and the memo the FBI leaked that literally is categorizing them as racist, white supremacist, and violent people. Where do we stand? What’s the recourse on this Tom?

FITTON: “Well they pulled the memo after it was leaked, but you know we’re asking for the documents … what was behind this? Who was authorizing this? How was it handled? Is there other types of investigations like this that’s happening? And they’ve been giving us the runaround. Merrick Garland’s office has been giving us the runaround. Wray has been given us the runaround and now we’re in federal court over it, which again, more run around.”


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