We’re on Our Way to OWNING NOTHING, Elites to Own Everything


The hard left is getting their way. One in four homes up for sale is purchased by investors. Democrat policies are speeding up wealth inequality and crushing the middle class. Homeownership is only one area to be affected.

Don’t worry. This is the Build Back Better agenda and The Great Reset. You will own nothing and be happy. Biden is 100% on board with whatever mental faculties he has left.


Own Nothing and Be Happy (Or will we be? It’s communism, not capitalism):



  1. The Rich tried this in the 1930s after the 1929 crash. The States and Cities in the South got smart and came up with huge property taxes and Homestead Exemptions. A lot of rich Property owners where all of a sudden on the Poor Farm and miraculously people could by houses cheap at auction. States can keep the rich in check if they have the will too. Let this “businesses” by all those California and New York homes, just don’t bail them out when the bubble pops.

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