Professor Defeats Cancel Culture as Thousands Sign Up for His Speech


“But perhaps the most alarming aspect of Social Justice, as far as its effect on a liberal society, is the extent to which this ideology provides a justification for pervasive, quasi-totalitarian policing of speech, thought, and private behavior.”


“The totalitarian tendencies of Social Justice are even more evident in its demands for the submission of everything to ideological diktat, from everyday language to personal life.”


“Totalitarian tendencies in a political movement can be dangerous even when that movement does not run a dictatorship…This is especially true when that movement wields massive influence in the media and the educational system and is embraced by numerous public institutions… ”


~ Dorian Schuyler Abbot, Geophysicist, University of Chicago

A University of Chicago professor, a famous geophysicist named Professor Dorian Abbot had his speech canceled at MIT because he supports merit over equity. The WOKES disapproved.

The article the WOKES were especially offended by is on this link at Newsweek.

Princeton turned around and welcomed the renowned professor’s lecture. As a result, THOUSANDS have signed up for it.

It’s one for the good guys. If you want to know who the bad guys are, look at the list Colin Wright collected below.

Watch for more information:
The Ideological Witch Hunt by Guess Who

Notice the use of pronouns. It’s the alphabet mafia.

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