We’re under quasi-martial law and few have noticed


We have Democrats, the neo-communists, silencing and threatening anyone they disagree with and they’ve taken the next step.

The Biden DoJ has decided to imprison a man for voter disinformation memes they didn’t like from the 2016 election. It sounds like something Hillary Clinton pushed for.

This is one of the memes that warrants ten years in a federal penitentiary if convicted:

I remember those dopey memes on Twitter. Everyone knew they were unserious. It’s hard to believe people voted that way. In fact, we don’t believe it.

The media claims the meme maker is a racist, but that has nothing to do with criminal charges and imprisonment.

This is the same DoJ that can’t find any way to charge corrupt FBI agents who framed General Flynn and tried to overturn the Trump administration in a coup.

And then there is the little fact that our Capitol is under martial law, but no one seems to notice.

One brave representative described what has been going on in Congress as Democrats try to erase Republicans in the second clip below.

Tucker addresses these issues and more in his own inimical style in the clip:

Representative Massie describes the raging Democrats calling them all insurrectionists:

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2 years ago

With the Election of Trump and Brexit, the Globalist realized their agenda was failing. They have been flushed out into the open and now are dangerous animals fighting for their lives. They have shown us they will do anything to keep their power. ANYTHING!

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

No! I’ve noticed and I don’t like it. This buffoon and his handlers are creating a real big problem, and the may regret it.

2 years ago

We only need to look no further than the DHS “domestic terrorism” alert, which was all-encompassing, and the Congress willingness to look at new legislation. The inept FBI now wants the public to believe they are “on top” of the problem. The primary reason the general public has had a favorable view of the agency is due to PR in the entertainment industry, which covers up their sordid past. It was exposed with their crime labs but little has been known of their Anti-Semtic legacy of going after dual-citizen Jews. It would irk me to no end hearing Hannity talk about the FBI’s rank and file being exemplary. The single question on the character of the FBI agents goes no further than when an interview is ended if the subject lays a recording device on the table. When you hear them surreptitiously recorded you will see the true nature of the FBI.

2 years ago

I am a lawyer & a former U.S. Marine Corps Officer and I have been saying for several years that the FBI is corrupted to the core of its being and no longer represents the best interests of this once wonderful free country. Comey, Wray, & Obama, LLC,….Attorneys drunk under the Barr