WH Clown World! Commander Biden Bit Agents 24 Times


Commander, nice doggie

CNN has obtained internal and redacted Secret Service documents showing that Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, bit agents at least 24 times at the White House or other locations.

That number excludes additional incidents. CNN reported that he bit other executive residence staff and White House workers!

The new documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal the extent to which the situation had become a serious workplace issue for the hundreds of staff supporting White House operations and how agency personnel changed their habits to avoid being injured by the German shepherd.

“The recent dog bites have challenged us to adjust our operational tactics when Commander is present – please give lots of room,” an unnamed assistant special agent in charge of USSS’ Presidential Protective Division wrote to their team in a June 2023 email, warning that agents “must be creative to ensure our own personal safety.”

Here is the list obtained by CNN of the times Commander chewed on the Secret Service:

Is This Believable:

A source close to the Biden family told CNN that the Biden family feels “awful.” They are “heartbroken” over the spate of biting incidents.

So heartbroken, they let Commander bite agents 24 times and bite other staff an unknown number of times.

“They’ve been heartbroken over this. They’ve apologized to those who have been bitten, taken flowers to some. They feel awful. Commander was over-protective, and even though they tried and tried to work on it, they had to let him go live with other members of their family,” the source said.

If an intruder had broken in, the Commander probably would have run and hid.

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