What happened to a woman’s right to choose?


For nearly half a century, abortion rights have been framed as “a woman’s right to choose.” The right to have control over her own body.

But today, when it comes to the COVID vaccine, women no longer have the right to choose. They no longer have control over their own bodies.


Although many Americans have taken the vaccine, a significant number of Americans refuse to get it. They cite their Constitutional rights and health concerns as reasons for not getting vaccinated. Dr. Fauci and the Biden Administration are now mandating the COVID vaccine.

In July, President Biden announced vaccination requirements for all federal employees. Now the government has mandated that businesses with over 100 employees force their employees to get vaccinated or risk termination. But 100 is just an arbitrary number. Why not 75 employees, or 150?

There are religious and health exemptions. However, those exemptions are rarely granted.


For decades, women have marched in support of abortion and protested against any restrictions. The chant is always it’s “a woman’s right to choose.” Yet, when it comes to choosing whether or not to take the vaccine, women blindly stand in line to receive a shot when the long term effects are unknown. What happened to women taking control over their own bodies?

Now the government has taken control over women’s bodies. To make matters worse, there simply isn’t enough data to predict the long term effects on the health of women who take the COVID vaccine. Most concerning are the number of women contracting COVID who have been fully vaccinated.

Nevertheless, shaming and coercion and now the mantras of women who push the vaccine on other women. In the past, pro-abortionists supported a woman’s right to choose, now they oppose a woman’s right to choose … whether or not they want to take the vaccine.

Women all across the country have already lost, or risk losing, their jobs over mandatory vaccinations. Single mothers and women who bring a much needed second income are now forced to choose. They are forced to choose between getting the vaccine and jeopardizing their health, or not getting the vaccine and jeopardizing their jobs.

So today, women don’t really have a right to choose. The Biden Administration has seen to that.

Image from: irishtimes.com

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