What happens when a robot takes your job?


Have you ever questioned the rapid merging of A/I and robotics?

What happens when there are no jobs because most of the jobs have been automated?

If you don’t have a job then you don’t have any money, if you don’t have any money you can’t buy anything, if you can’t buy anything how do we as a society continue?

Not that I’m looking much beyond the mid-term 2022 elections but that is for another day.


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  1. Well, Hell with that. I like to Choose for myself what I’m getting.

    Many stores are going to “self-checkout” and my experience with Those wasn’t good, to say the least. I went through one and filled one bag and went to do another. The machine kept repeating, “put the bag back”, as if it were the Young Frankenstein movie. After a few minutes trying to find out how to continue with a second bag I said, to hell with this and left.

    When I went back again I had a cart full and went to the checkout and only the self-checkout were open. I told the person there if there wasn’t a check-out lane open they can just put everything back themselves. On this occasion I had meats that the butcher packaged for me. They ended up opening a check-out lane.

    Having a store as the video would sure end any type of “impulse” buying, or browsing for other products. No more walking the aisle and saying, my that looks good; I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. There are things that should be automated and things that shouldn’t. For instance, a Kiosk at the grocery or a Restaurant should be illegal. This is just moving the cashier function or waiter function to the Customer and the Customer is not going to see a reduction in cost. What the Customer will see is less service and in a restaurant dirty tables – a health risk!

    Heavy industry automation makes jobs safer. Many of the dangerous jobs will be replaced, but with higher skilled jobs to maintain the robots. If we educate a work force which can maintain automation, we can greatly increase our manufacturing a sell to the rest of the world where the less educated live. We can’t do this being 30th in Education and China being Number One. Government should only help finance STEM Programs with Student Loans and no more Liberal Arts or Lawyers – we already have too many. Then there is the whole work week thing, automated factories should be highly regulated and only have a 20 hour work week. It should be required that Unions represent workers and workers are paid at least 10% in stock options so business can’t make Slaves of them. We need to totally redesign the Corporation Model in America, workers should get stock options, not managers.

    There will always be a market place for unskilled labor, but they need to be entry level jobs. Government shouldn’t be excluding young people from work. Make pumping your own gasoline illegal and train kids to do jobs like that. We did that 50 years ago and it worked well. We should have more local groceries with delivery boys instead of Super Centers. Franchise taxes should be steep – very steep. Mom and Pop business used to be the backbone of America, but Government regulation and tax breaks to mega corporations changed that. I grew up when an adequate local grocery store was always less than a quarter mile away in the city and was an easy walk. The delivery boy would deliver a basket of groceries for the equivalent of 3% or 4% of the order – what your credit card “steals” from you every purchase now. With Cryptocurrencies these cost should be on the order of 0.1% in the future. I have a house overseas and there are 3 or 4 small groceries within a 10 minute walk and I love it. Even on the farm, the local Grocery is only a mile away and more like a General Store. Automation only makes sense for large scale operations, but in most cases Mom and Pop can compete via co-ops and with much better service and more local variety. My Local Farmers Co-op is only 3 miles away and has much fresher fruits and vegetables than any of the big box stores and much cheaper.

    We don’t don’t have to put up with one size fits none automation being shoved down our throats. We just need to have our local government zone them out of existence instead of giving them tax breaks to put local businesses out of business.

  3. Is that how people buy their fresh produce also. From what I’ve seen in most all supermarkets is the fresh produce isn’t fit to eat. When I was young my parents had a 2 to 3 acre garden and my mother spent a great deal of time canning all kinds of foods. What is sold in stores is Nothing like freshly picked off the vine. Walmart brags about having local, fresh produce so I went there for tomatoes. Seemed like pretty good ones until I sliced it open. It resembled more of a pomegranate than tomato. Small channels of red tomato surrounded by a very had white shell. Evidently few people have tasted fresh so the stores keep stocking that which has little taste and isn’t fit to eat.

  4. You depend on mommygov with stimmy checks and tax writeoffs for bay bay’s (babys) kids (ebonics)?
    Self checkout is cool but some are shall we say just not meant to use it and a months worth of groceries takes awhile but no one will work those cashier jobs and eventually it will be aisles of self-checkout.
    At least there is none of that lotto crap at the self checkout.
    Why import millions when jobs are going automated?
    Oh…government dependents and voters who vote for a living.

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