What Is Going on in Canada Is Far More Important Than Ukraine


Canada is becoming a fascist state and that is more important for Americans than what is going on in Ukraine. The fact that we have millions of unvetted people pouring into our country is ignored is also far more serious than anything going on in Ukraine. These illegal aliens include people who won’t necessarily blow us up, but they will infiltrate our culture and our politics and destroy them.

Canada is on our northern border and they are going fully fascist. They won’t even let Tamara Lich out of prison. All she did was organize a peaceful protest.

Ezra Levant tweeted: A peaceful indigenous woman created a mighty movement, but because she challenged Justin Trudeau, the media demonized her and the courts jailed her. They are threatening her with ten years in prison for organizing a peaceful protest.

These rulers are criminals.

If she were a murderer like Omar Khadr, she’d be rich and on the cover of magazines and on the lucrative speaking circuit.

The Trudeauites exposed thousands of innocent protesters and donors to the crowdsourcing fund to financial ruin. Trudeau’s emergency orders give the government tremendous leeway to do pretty much whatever they want to the Canadians with whom Trudeau and his troglodytes disagree.

The language in the orders is alarmingly and deliberately broad, with ‘designated persons’ defined as “any individual or entity that is engaged, directly or indirectly.” That could be anyone.

This is fascism. You are watching it in real-time. Canadians need to fight this now or this will be their new reality.


Tamara Lich, one of the leading organizers behind protests against COVID-19 restrictions and other intrusions on their human rights, was denied bail.

This is going to be J6 redux, only it’s in Canada. They learned from the worst dirtbags in the US.

An Ontario court judge, Julie Bourgeois, a partisan leftist, issued the decision in Ottawa this morning, saying she believed there was a substantial likelihood Lich would re-offend if released.

Re-offend? Organize another peaceful protest?

A separate bail hearing is scheduled this morning for fellow protest organizer Patrick King, who was also arrested for mischief, counseling to violate a court order and obstruct police. It’s bogus. This was civil disobedience. Meanwhile, they let radical leftists burn churches and pipelines.

Lich was arrested last Thursday and charged with counseling to commit mischief and promised during a bail hearing on Saturday to give up her advocacy of the protest and return to Alberta.

Mischief? That reminds me of all the J6 people arrested and charged with ‘parading’.

Ottawa police said in a statement Monday that officers have made 196 arrests, with 110 facing a variety of charges. It’s J6 in Canada, meant to silence political opponents.

Ottawa police also said 115 vehicles connected to the protest have been towed. They plan to sell them after stealing them.

In Parliament today, one member said no one was killed. He went on to claim there were no injuries, but, maybe, someone was knocked over by a horse, but no one went to the hospital. There are at least two seriously injured persons, and I believe more.

Canada Is Now Under Martial Law

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