Biden Worries About Ukraine’s Borders While Millions Pour Into Ours


We finally have January’s illegal alien numbers halfway through February, and they are frightening. We have no clue who these people are as enemies like Russia, China, Iran hope to destroy us.

The numbers are demographically changing the US forever. We will become communists with Democrats in power because that’s who runs them. Think The Great Reset. It is what Build Back Better Joe promised us.

Compare those numbers with a sample of the population of some US cities:

The numbers already in the country probably give Democrats their permanent electoral majority. You better be afraid. You’ve seen what they do with power. They are statists and have no regard for the constitution or our human rights. They only care about money and power.

Here are more cities by population. We import this – easily – every month and Dems want to give them amnesty and citizenship so they can vote for them.

The info comes from the 2020 census. The populations of swing states are also rising quickly – it’s with drug dealers, terrorists, enemies of our nation, communists, and people who need our freebies. Guess who they will vote for. Don’t forget, as they pour in, Democrats are demonizing white people and American culture and history through CRT, 1619, and other horrendous programs.

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