What Joe Biden Didn’t Tell You About Job Numbers


A report by VDARE points to an important factor that the Biden regime failed to mention when reporting job numbers this month — immigration. Only VDARE.com ever seems to report it.

March job growth was not all that great for Americans—but it was good for immigrants — legal and illegal since the feds won’t distinguish between the two.

The increase in the immigrant labor force in March exceeded the job numbers.

The economy added back 431,000 jobs in March, according to the Payroll Survey, as the unemployment rate dropped by a more-than-expected two-tenths of one percent, to 3.6%. The country is now just one percentage point above the historic low (3.5%) seen in February 2020 at the peak of the Trump boom. Equally important, the Labor Force Participation rate remains one percentage point below its pre-pandemic level.

The Payroll Survey, Household Survey, and the BLS don’t tell the entire story. They leave out who took the jobs.


The jobs go to immigrants (heavy emphasis on illegal), which keeps wages down.

It will take time for the American worker to be displaced, but it will. The massive numbers will also displace American voters, says Edwin Rubenstein at VDARE. That is what we mean by replacement theory. It’s not only theory, it’s reality. Because of the Democrat-manipulated influx of illegal aliens, demographics have changed our values, our finances, and our politics. 


The New VDARE American Worker Displacement Index (NVDAWDI) — the ratio of the immigrant to native-born employment growth indexes — showed immigrant to native-born fell in March.

However, despite this – 986,000 immigrants reported as unemployed in March – the foreign-born working-age population expanded by some 1.4 million for the seventh month in a row.

In other words,  the growth in the immigrant workforce population far exceeded the job growth recorded by either the Payroll Survey (431,000) or the Household Survey (736,000).

VDARE’s charts show absolute values. One chart in their article – describing the results – shows the immigrant workforce population grew by 1.397 million in March compared to March 2021. The corresponding increases for January and February were 1.538 million and 1.345 million, respectively.

For most of 2020, President Trump’s last year in office, Trump’s policies seemed to send illegals fleeing.

The immigrant population of working age did not resume growth until December 2020—when the election results spurred a renewed invasion.

Another displacement metric—the immigrant share of total employment—fell last month, but remains close to the record touched in April 2018. VDARE’s analysis indicates that 17.819% of jobs were held by immigrants in March.

We support legal immigrants, but many of these jobs go to illegal immigrants who don’t belong in this country.

The Trump gains have been wiped out and the immigrant share will resume its Obama Era upward march—unless the political climate changes again.

In March 158.5 million people held jobs in the U.S. Each 1% rise in immigrant employment share represents a transfer of about 1.58 million jobs from native-born Americans to immigrants.

Additionally, of course, the Biden Rush over the southern border continues. Corporations want cheap labor and Democrats want votes.


January 2009 through March 2022:

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1 year ago

More and more when I go to the fast food window, I’m greeted by a Haitian who can barely speak English. Then there is the only Spanish speaking waitress in every Mexican Restaurant. These people are obviously being employed under the table and the Traitor Joe Administration has let big business know that the Government is going to look the other way. Maybe a few Ultra-Mega-Fines will change things in 2023?

1 year ago

If it is illegal for illegals to work, how are they taking these jobs? This goes way beyond Social Security number fraud.