What Progressives Say Alabama’s Doug Jones Means to Them


What Doug Jones is pretending to stand for now is not what he actually stands for nor is it what Progressives currently say he stands for. We browsed some of the Progressive websites and we probably got a more honest portrayal of Alabama candidate for the U.S. Senate Doug Jones by reading them.

Progressives see the end to President Trump’s agenda in the election of Doug Jones, tax reform being the first issue to come up.

Progressive Professor

TheProgressiveProfessor.com writes: All that is needed is three Senators, and the tax plan fails, and IF Doug Jones wins the Alabama Senate seat on December 12, then only two Senators on the Republican side are needed to derail the legislation, and cause a massive defeat for Donald Trump, who will have accomplished nothing by legislation in Congress in his first year, making him a total failure in that regard.

That is one reason President Trump and Kellyanne Conway recently came out to say we need Roy Moore’s vote in the Senate. We will lose in 2018 and 2020.


George Soros-Hillary Clinton group MoveOn has gone all-in for Doug Jones, to use their own words, and here’s the ‘why’ of it from their email posted on The Soros.publication Daily Kos:

But there’s strong reason for hope, because Democrat Doug Jones is a great candidate with a path to victory. Jones is pro-choice, pro-Affordable Care Act, and has an incredible personal story about the evils of racism and white supremacy…

…Our resistance to Trump’s hateful agenda has been remarkably successful, but we need even more allies in the Senate to help win the fights ahead.

Winning a Democratic Senate seat in Alabama would make it much harder for Trump (and Mitch McConnell) to pass disastrous legislation or confirm radical right-wing judges, and could even give us a shot at taking back the Senate in 2018! That’s why this is so important.

We have a real opportunity to shock the nation and win this race, but it’ll take thousands of progressives pitching in small amounts to make it happen…

…Right-wing extremists and Trump mega-donors are already terrified of how competitive Democrats are in deep-red Alabama and what that means for the 2018 elections…

…Let’s stop the Republicans from replacing Jeff Sessions with an even crazier, more conservative Republican like Roy Moore; instead, let’s elect a progressive champion who will stand up to Trump every single day in Washington.

It’s not possible to get further left than MoveOn or the Indivisibles.


The hard-left Indivisibles are contributing to the hard-left Allied Progressive Front to get Doug Jones supporters to the polls for “a very good man”. The values they support from Doug Jones’ website:

  • Everyone has the right to quality, affordable health care.
  • We must restore Alabama’s trust for its elected leaders.
  • I will defend a woman’s right to choose and stand with Planned Parenthood.
  • All children deserve a first-class education regardless of where they live.
  • College must be affordable without burdening a student with overwhelming debt.
  • I believe in science and will work to slow or reverse the impact of climate change.
  • It is past time we raise the minimum wage to a livable wage.
  • Women must be paid an equal wage for equal work at all levels.
  • Voter suppression is unAmerican – we must protect voting rights.
  • Discrimination cannot be tolerated or protected. America is best when it builds on diversity and is welcoming of the contributions of all.

Doug Jones is for gun control, regardless of the lies his campaign is spinning; he is for abortion to the moment of birth and is pro-Planned Parenthood; he supports Single Payer according to left-wing websites; he is fully opposed to Voter ID.

He’s a doctrinaire Progressive.

Anyone who knows the hard-left talking points recognizes them in the fake-conservative-Democrat Doug Jones. Jones is full-on Progressive.


Share Blue, the George Soros organization aimed at creating a permanent Democrat Progressive majority is also pushing for Jones. ShareBlue is part of the strategic action plan to take over the U.S. electorate.

ShareBlue is the ‘nucleus’ of the multi-platform anti-Trump media entity.

David Brock’s Media Matters is an arm of the Soros network but they concentrate on trashing Roy Moore.

Democracy for America – Socialist Sanders Group

The Vermont-based Democracy for America  has “gone all-in” for Doug Jones to use their words. They are part of the hard-left RESIST movement that Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama [Organizing for Action] have so famously joined. Their slogan is “Fight White Democracy”. It was initially endorsed and promoted by Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean. It’s a flagship of the Soros Open Society network.

Communist ACORN Organizer Wade Rathke

Legendary radical leftist organizer Wade Rathke was responding on his personal blog website, chieforganizer.org, to an article authored last week by this reporter titled, “Roy Moore Challenger Doug Jones Pushing ACORN Pet Project Known for Devastating Workers, Small Businesses.” Rathke continues to head ACORN’s still-active international affiliate.

The article points out that Jones is pushing the Marxist living wage scheme that hurts business and creates more people on the dole. It actually lowers employment opportunities for low-income people.

The same reporter for the Soros-tied ACORN has penned other articles since Breitbart outed them.

Clinton Supporters Say Jones Is a “Very, Very Good Candidate”

“It’s a very tricky pass for national Democrats,” said David Axelrod, the Democratic strategist and former adviser to President Barack Obama. “Jones is a very, very good candidate, but Alabama is a very, very tough state, maybe the toughest state. And you want to avoid the trap that you fell into in Georgia by building expectations for a race that’s going to be difficult to win.”

Marxist Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia said it was even more profound. Mr. Kaine does not speak up often at the weekly lunches of Democratic senators, but he did two weeks ago because he wanted to tell his colleagues about Mr. Jones, whom he has grown close with over their shared passion for racial reconciliation. This race, Mr. Kaine said in an interview, requires Democrats to respond to their conscience.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, is engaged in the race and held calls on Tuesday and Wednesday with Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, who runs the Democratic Senate campaign arm, and top aides about Mr. Jones, according to two party officials briefed on the conversations. And Mr. Van Hollen used a Senate Democratic luncheon to urge his colleagues to contribute to Mr. Jones’s campaign and promote him on social media.

DNC finance chair Henry  Muñoz, who is gay, said Mr. Moore was a uniquely offensive candidate and predicted that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender donors, among others, would mobilize to stop him. “The phones are burning up,” he said. “One of the things that the L.G.B.T. community is good at is organizing itself and organizing itself financially.”

Bill Clinton’s lead campaign manager James Carville said, “Democrats have a good Southern candidate, and I’m going to help him.” Mr. Carville, noting that he would contact party donors in New York and Los Angeles.

Is what happened to Roy Moore what happens when you “run a dollar bill through a trailer park”?, to quote James Carville.

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