Damning Evidence of Biden’s Political Dirty Trick to Swing the Election


We now have damning evidence that Biden’s staff set up a fraudulent defense to the Hunter laptop scandal to influence the 2020 presidential election.

Former CIA Director Mike Morell and current Secretary of State Antony Blinken were behind the infamous letter signed by 51 former and present intelligence officials. We are referencing the letter that dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation before the 2020 election.

Now there is evidence as to why they did it. We know why, but now there’s proof.

According to The Washington Examiner, Morell sent a recruitment email to gather signatories for the letter. In the email, he admitted that the reason was to give Joe Biden a rebuttal to Donald Trump’s attacks during the presidential debates.

The Washington Examiner:

A recruitment email by Mike Morell, co-author of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop letter, wanted former intelligence officials to become signatories to help give Joe Biden a “talking point” during a crucial presidential debate against Donald Trump.

The revelation comes after Morell, the former Obama CIA acting director, admitted that now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken “triggered” him to write the October 2020 laptop letter.

The recruitment email from Morell was sent to former intelligence officials and included the laptop letter co-authored by him and former senior CIA operations officer Marc Polymeropoulos as an attachment.

The quoted language from the Morell email, sent on Oct. 18, 2020, was read to the Washington Examiner verbatim and identically by two independent sources who had access to the email.

The intent was to give Joe Biden a “talking point.” That is exactly what happened; they did it to influence the election.

Biden could call the truthful report of the laptop – Russian disinformation – and he did. That is a lie many Democrats believe to this day.

It was evident during the 2020 presidential debates. When Trump brought up Hunter’s laptop, Biden gave his talking point, and the moderator switched gears.

Unelected bureaucrats are manipulating Americans.

Damning evidence:

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