What the Hay Is a Gesture Egg?


A store licensed to sell Cadbury chocolates in the UK changed the name of Easter Eggs to Gesture Eggs. The post went viral when The Telegraph posted it.

Cadbury responded when Snopes contacted them. They said they were not changing the name of the eggs, and it was only one store. The store in question is a Cadbury outlet.

Freshstores Limited called the eggs ‘gesture eggs,’ whatever that means. It sounds like it’s coming from the Marxist left attempting to take down our culture, but they say they simply didn’t want to offend people of different faiths. Meanwhile, they offended Christians. That’s ok. The store hasn’t responded to inquiries except by saying they took the signs down.

The owners thought enough of the name to print signs up professionally. I’m guessing they’re Woke nuts.

Legal Insurrection reports:

 it is being reported that this was not done at only one store.

This wasn’t the only shop selling the “Gesture” Eggs. Many other Cadbury outlet stores in Cheshire Oaks, Wirral, and Alfreton, Derbyshire, were also promoting them.

The BBC reported that parent company Mondelez issued this statement:

Cadbury has used the word Easter in our marketing and communications for over 100 years and continues to do so with our new Easter product range. To claim anything otherwise is factually incorrect. …

We have contacted Freshstore, the independent retailer who put up this poster in a very limited number of stores, and we understand they will be taking these posters down.

Cadbury’s Chocolate store slammed for renaming Easter Eggs ‘Gesture Eggs’ to avoid upsetting those of different faiths.

The chocolate company is selling the eggs at a branded Cadbury discount store in Lincolnshire, UK.

Christian customers have reacted furiously on X to the… pic.twitter.com/n35vs0hhoN

The name is ridiculous since it makes no sense. It was probably a trial balloon. Would these stores do it without checking with Cadbury?

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